Welcome to the portfolio of Martial Geoffre-Rouland & collaborators.

Graduated in Elisava Barcelona, Superior School of Design, his works are focused on digital art and interactive installations.

His projects are the result of various collaborations with artists, independent studios and international known companies, into the field of web, digital art or scenography.

Mostly all the projects are under license Creative Commons and accessibles in this Github account.

You can access to my projects on  my Github account.

For any proposal, freel free to contact me at 

martial [at] screen-club.com
4, Place Colbert
69001, Lyon

Past & present interns :
Valère Auger
Thomas Aufresne
Alexandre Contini

@martialtwist :

Challenge : do some graphics using your GitHub commit activity panel ( this one not mine btw ) https://t.co/ulm1quUySb


Workshops / lectures / cours
Data 49.0, Dublin, 2001
Resonate Festival, Belgrade, 2011 Melting Code, Bordeaux, 2012 ESA Lorient, Lorient, 2012
Kikk Festival, Namur, 2012
ESA Pau, Pau, 2013
Mains D’oeuvres, Paris, 2013
DSAA Graphisme, Chaumont, 2014 Mira Festival, Barcelone, 2014
Ecole de Condé, Lyon, 2015
DSAA graphisme, La martinière, Lyon ENSAD Paris, 2016

Nuits Sonores, Lyon, 2011–2013
Resonate Festival, Belgrade, 2011 N.A.M.E. Festival, Lille, 2012
Kikk Festival, Namur, 2012
Mira Festival, Barcelone, 2014 Eurockéenes de Belfort, 2014
Act Festival, Gwangju, 2015

Expositions / Exhibitions
LOOP Barcelona, 2010
Glitch Festival, Chicago, USA, 2012 Glitch Festival, Amsterdam, HL, 2012 Galerie Arko, Nevers, 2012
Maison Pop, Montreuil, 2012
IMOCA, Dublin, 2012
Gamerz, Fondation Vasarely, Aix en provence, 2013
Scopitone Festival, Nantes, 2016