— Danger Live Tour
2011 until now.

In collaboration with Danger and Raphaël Siboni, this project has been made during an artist residency at Gaité Lyrique inParis, January 2011.

Guided by the universe Sci-Fi of the seventies, cyberpunk and mangas, this interactive scenography breaks the common rules of VJing and give a rupture between analogic and digital worlds. 
A black piano is contrasting with the screen in the back of the scene, projecting a visual representation of all the action of the DJ during his set, using an home made software receiving via OSC ( open sound control ) all the informations.

The DJ is controlling himself the installation with a simple midi controller.
Conception, scenography : Franck Rivoire and Raphaël Siboni
Software : Martial Geoffre-Rouland
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