Entre Temps
— Le Silo, Marseille, France. Permanent installation.

Project in collaboration with Sara Degouy and Victor Vieillard.

Artistic intervention in the operation of the reconversion of Silo d'Arenc into a theater.

The project « Entre-temps » shows slowly the amount of time elapsed between two events.
Little lights, are falling down, like the original function of a silo, and fill three virtual containers, in relation with the remaining time until a new event. 

The installation is composed by 2358 Leds. A special interface was designed to setup easily the events to come. 
Conception, design, production : Victor Vieillard and Sara Degouy.
Software, interface design : Martial Geoffre-Rouland 

Awards : Trophée des Lumières ville de Marseille 2011 catégorie Patrimoine. 
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