Kiblind Gif Party
— Le sucre 2014, Lyon.
— Le point éphemère 2014, Paris.

Interactive installation made of 100 led bars.
Video stream is running and generating animated gifs during the night - automatically or by pressing a switch placed in the center of the installation.

Those gifs are displayed on a giant screen.
In collaboration with Kiblind magazine, Pitay et Superscript
IMG_1385.JPG IMG_1386.JPG 10421143_10152493793383699_8939276088869813378_n.jpg 10370376_10152493793283699_6537597182258680673_n.jpg 10460260_10152493793233699_6923262863782188513_n.jpg 10474904_10152493793758699_1578206847468394517_n.jpg 20140612230840.gif 20140613002906.gif 20140613000843.gif 20140612220733.gif 20140612220515.gif