Modular ship
— Nuits Sonores 2012, Lyon.
— NAME Festival 2012, Lille.

ModularShip is an interactive project for scenography.

The installation is made of different animations reacting to the sound of the stage, and is controlled in real time with various interfaces at the same time (midi, computer, iPhone and iPad). 

The interface was designed to be controlled by multiple people, allowing to create multiple animations, and change them tweaking different variables as velocity, intensity, symmetry,  color and light textures.

This project has been sponsored by Creators Project.
Nuits Sonores Lyon 2012
Festival N.A.M.E. Lille 2012

Design : Superscript² 
Software : Martial Geoffre-Rouland 
Photo : b-rob

Videos : Creators Project au Festival N.A.M.E. 
NS 2011 Nuit 4 BD_www.b-rob.com_035.jpeg img2_720.jpg img_720.jpg NS 2011 Nuit 1 BD¡Çwww.b-rob.com_064.jpeg NS 2011 Nuit 1 BD¡Çwww.b-rob.com_062.jpeg