Pierre Huyghe
Programming of Pierre Huyghe's work: Nymphéas Transplant.
3 aquariums containing the ecosystems of the gardens of Giverny are changing the light colors using the meteorological data of various eras, a day, a season, years.

The surfaces of the aquariums are changing from opaque to transparent, following a pattern defined with the artist.

Pierre Huyghe, Nymphéas Transplant, 2014
Courtesy the artist;
Hauser & Wirth, London.
© Alex Delfanne & Hugo Glendining
HUYGH63980---group---desaturated-yellow---A33.jpg HUYGH63980---group---desaturated-yellow---A3.jpg HG3_3717.jpg HUYGH63980 - group of 3 - Web.jpg