Intel 5g Tunnel


At the CES event in Las Vegas, USA, we crafted an immersive experience for the INTEL booth that transported visitors to a world of light and sound.

We built an impressive LED tunnel using 20mm pitch transparent LED panels, mounted on a wooden structure spanning 320 square feet.

As visitors entered this captivating realm, they were encouraged to walk through the tunnel and discover how their movements could interact with the dazzling array of lights. With each step, the tunnel seemed to come alive, responding to the visitors' movements in a symphony of color and patterns.

The LED panels were meticulously controlled by a custom C++ (openFrameworks) software running on a PC, receiving HDMI input from a controller. To enhance the experience, three Orbbec cameras were strategically placed within the tunnel's ceiling, enabling the graphics to react dynamically to the visitors' presence.

To complete the sensory adventure, we utilized a custom sound system that allowed us to deliver spatialized audio through four speakers installed within the structure.

As visitors journeyed through the tunnel, the rich soundscape enveloped them, creating a truly mesmerizing and unforgettable experience.

Interactive directors

Aramique and Jeff Crouse

Creative technologist

Martial Geoffre-Rouland, Benjamin Petit, Antoine Vanel, Lars Berg, Richard Mattka, Ivan Safrin, Jeff Crouse

Art director

Aramique, Mau Morgo

Experiential designer

Ryan Hawthorne

Bts director

Ahmed Hadj amuer, Bolly

Industrial designer

Stevie Nicole Meder


Aramique, Selcen Onsan


Gary Gunn

Projection mapping technical direction

Volvox Labs


Volvox Labs, Stand and Build