KPOP Dance Challenge


An interactive installation that brings visitors together in a collective Kpop dance experience for the V&A’s exhibition Hallyu! The Korean Wave.

As part of the exhibition Hallyu! The Korean Wave, currently showing at the Victoria and Albert museum in London, Google Arts & Culture Lab created an installation that allowed visitors to become part of a collective Kpop dance experience to PSY’s 'That That' (prod. & feat. SUGA of BTS). 

Visitors begin by learning the choreography from the dance collective BBTrippin via an interactive tutorial. They can then make a recording trying the dance moves and contribute the recording to the installation. We detect the outline of the visitors using MediaPipe Pose body segmentation as they dance, and insert them into a collective music video that shows them dancing with BB Trippin and other visitors on a large projection.  


Google Arts & Culture




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