Oscilia is a musical awakening device to draw sound, by articulating an application on touch tablet and paper object. It works as follows: choose a colored page, put it on the screen, draw a graphic sign with your fingertips and listen. Through the paper, the application recognizes the sign, and makes the attributed sound resonate.

By superimposing lines, colors, sounds and textures, we compose sound images, we imagine a visual and musical harmony. Oscilia works with a range of fifty signs from the process of learning to write, synthesizer sounds and soothing atmospheres, making this device an accessible and open system.

Oscilia is designed for institutions and professionals in the fields of Design, Music and Research. Oscilia is the heart of a workshop for children and adults to compose together and live an experience where the eye hears and the ear sees.

Pauline Fourest

Idée originale et conception graphique

Hector de Lacroix

Sound design

Martial Geoffre-Rouland

Conception logiciel

Traulha Lineara, Yoann Minet, Bureau Brut


Nano Ville Film