Supra Organism


A project by Justine Emard

Supraorganism is a reactive installation composed of robotic glass sculptures, animated by a machine learning system (an artificial intelligence), and elaborated from datas collected in a community of bees. 

Today, the deduction techniques of machines allow us to interpret a large amount of data and to observe the world differently. Supraorganism is a work on the memory of bees and their collective intelligence. The creation process is calculated from observed and computer-analysed behavioural patterns. A network of artificial neurons has been trained during the residence at ZKM with the complicity of  Martial Geoffre Rouland, on the data captured by the artist. This machine learning system, developed specifically for the project, generates predictions: a glimpse of possible futures.

These predictive interstices are embodied in a visual and sound installation. About twenty robotic glass sculptures, suspended on a stainless steel structure, unfold in the exhibition space. The modules come to life thanks to their connected systems, lights and motors, animated in live by the artificial intelligence. Thanks to its ambient sensors, the installation reacts subtly to the detection of visitors and adapts to their presence, like an artificial life organism.

Scientific advisor

Takashi Ikegami

glass blower

Stéphane Rivoal


Sylvain Garnavault


Sandrine Piq, David Dronet, Marie Delebarre, Benjamin Emard