The latest exhibition "Chimeras" showcases five transformative works from the past decade by artist Pierre Huyghe. Each work manifests a different form of non-human or inhuman subjectivity, evolving over time. The exhibit, where I had a hand in the setup, explores the concept of intelligent life forms - both biological and technological - existing in uncertain states. "Chimeras," as the title suggests, are organisms with cells of more than one genotype, used by Huyghe to articulate the idea of non-binary existence.

The exhibition is centered around the aquarium piece "Abyssal Plain," now part of the Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection. Huyghe is the sixth artist in the InCollection series, which commissions an artwork from a contemporary artist each year for the Foundation's collection. "Chimeras" has been curated by Arja Miller, EMMA's former Chief Curator, Simon Friese, Director of Creator Projects, and Anne Stenne, Curator at Pierre Huyghe Studio. My contribution to the project was pivotal in setting up this thought-provoking and innovative exhibition.


Pierre Huyghe