"Les voix" is a new public art installation developed by Nicolas Grenier in collaboration with MASSIVart and Sid Lee Architecture, presented at Place Ville Marie's PVM Gallery. The installation forms part two of "Premonitions," a project exploring contemporary interpretations of our era, the influence of technology, and envisaging the future. Marie Létourneau Communications handles press relations for the project, supported by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, and Energy, hosted by the New Centre by Ivanhoé Cambridge, and part of the "I love working downtown" initiative by the Montreal Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

"Les voix" delves into the gray area between human and machine, body and mind, language and meaning. It poses a question: when conversing with AI, whose voice speaks in the first person singular? The immersive installation invites the public to interact with a large language model (AI) through a human interface. The interface embodies AI-generated text through voice and physical presence, creating a dual, ambiguous entity for one-on-one public dialogues. In turn, the digital interface characterizing interactions with virtual assistants and other AI is transformed into interpersonal exchange, confronting participants with the embodied presence of non-human intelligence. The audience is encouraged to observe subsequent conversations and discuss their experiences, aiming to create a space where visitors, irrespective of their art or tech experience, can collectively contemplate one of the most striking and revolutionary digital innovations in recent history.

A project By Nicolas Grenier